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Airflow pulverizer (airflow pulverizer) detailed analysis

  Silicon fine powder special airflow pulverization is to use supersonic airflow to mushing the material and materials with a small collision, the equipment is worn, and the product is free of iron contamination. A ceramic liner can be used to ensure high purity of silicon fine powder for high purity stone micropowder. No water separation, water is washed, complete dry production, and the production is better than the particle size distribution of silicon powder. The fineness of the finished product reached D97 = 3-74 μm, and the purity reached 99.5%. Stable, complete hierarchical flow field and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles. There is a plastic function on the particle shape. Variable Combination Structure: One-purpose dual use, which can be pulverized, and can be graded separately. Quartz Mo-hardness is 7, so the wear-resistant treatment is wear-resistant, and the inner abrasion resistant material is greatly reduced, and the losses of the equipment are greatly reduced, and the service life is extended. The whole process uses a negative pressure method, and there is no dust pollution on site, and the production environment is excellent. The equipment is balanced, the vibration is small, low noise. High automation control is high, the equipment is stable, and can be turned on continuously.The gas flow pulverizer in the pulverizer is a common type of common type, which is mainly pulverized by high pressure airflow. With respect to other traditional machines that utilize physical properties, the gas current pulverizer is not contaminated in the process of production, and because the vibration frequency is relatively small, the noise will not be large, so the application in the pharmaceutical field is also Got rapid development.

  The pulverization mechanism of the airflow pulverizer determines its characteristics of wide range of applications and fine finished products. Typical crush materials include diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc .; high purity requirements of ceramic color, medicine, biochemical, etc.; low temperature requirements, PVC, etc. By changing the normal air of the air source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, the pulverizer can be used as an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for the pulverization grading processing of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation.

  The technology of the airflow pulverizer mainly uses the material to achieve huge kinetic energy under the action of the high-speed airflow, thereby causing a high-speed collision between material particles, severe friction. At the same time, the high-speed airflow produces shear effects to achieve the purpose of crushing materials. The application of this technology is almost all over all fine processing industries, so there are special status in many specific powder fields.

  In the principle of production, the airflow pulverizer is mainlyThe effect of pulverizing the object is placed by the impact of the high-speed airflow. Its pulverization is mainly related to hit, target, fluidized bed. Due to the low pulverization temperature of the gas flow, it can be pulverized, and the material is low-inclusive. According to the joule-Tomson effect of high-speed injection, when the gas has nozzle spraying, the gas will cool itself, thereby offset the heat of material collision and friction. Further, the user can obtain high purity and particle size distribution of the product, and the production cycle is short, and the powder powder is high. Due to high-speed collisions and closed crushing, the probability of collision between the materials between the materials is large, and the dust does not leak. The airflow pulverizer can also achieve a variety of joint operations, while the pulverization can achieve drying operations, and the gas flow pulverization can also be pulverized to dryness, and the powder is uniform and small.

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