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Airflow pulverizer fails, how to self-service

  Airflow milling is large, high automation, fine product particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high activity, good dispersibility, etc., is widely used.The airflow pulverizer has a wide range of applications, high finished product, typical materials include super tune diamonds, silicon carbide, metal powder, and the like. Ordinary air changes as inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas, allowing the machine to use an inert gas protection device for flammable explosive, easy oxidation and other material crushing classification.

  Excessive lubricating oil in the airflow milling machine is too much, too little or aging is the main cause of the bearing overheating and damage, so according to the filling quantitative use of lubricants, general lubricants use 70% space, too much Or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer, extend the life of the bearings. The matching bearing cover is tight, the bearing and the shaft fit are too tight or too loose to cause the bearing overheating. However, such an operation of crusher equipment, friction noise and motion become more obvious, so the bearing should be removed, complete the friction portion, and then reassemble as needed.

  jet and cyclone separators, dust collectors, and air blowers form a set of crushing systems. The dry compressed air is sprayed into the pulverizing chamber through the high speed sloring nozzle, and the cross-repeated collision, friction, shear and crushing of the high pressure air exceed the material, and the material is combined with the rising air flow, and the wind turbines are rotated at high speed rotation. Under the action of turbine power, the material of different thicknesses meet the size of the particulates, and collects the crude particulate crushing region by classification into the cyclone and the dust collector, reducing the debris.

  Airflow pulverizer is an apparatus that implements ultrafine milling of dry material using high-speed airflow. It consists of a crushing nozzle, hierarchical and other components. The material enters the pulverity through the spiral feeder, and the air pressure is high-speed enters the pulverizing chamber. Special configuration of supersonic nozzle injection, material ultrasonic nozzle jet speed, and nozzle repeated impact, collision, crushing equipment.

  Now the airflow pulverizer is so frequent, and there are many kinds of crusher in the market, and therefore, the problems they have happen are varied. When you encounter these problems, everyone is always waiting for maintenance personnel to check the repair, and pays money and works. If we can conduct self-service, the following Xiaobian brings you the self-service shredder. Program.

  First check the power outlet, plugHead, the power cord has no oxygen off, the break, if it is not necessary to plug in the power test machine, when the motor is powered, it can be turned to turn the wheel with the hand, it can be determined to be the two There is a capacity failure in the start capacitor. If you can make a discharge spark and a sound of "" sound, this capacitor can be used; if the sparks and sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitance has decreased, and the new or add a small capacitor. If the airflow pulverizer does not use this method if the capacitor has been damaged, and it must be repaired with the same size.

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