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Stainless steel pulverizer how to operate and clean

  Chinese herbal medicine, fragrance, native products and other natural agricultural resources, first to use airflow mills to improve the added value, achieve good economic and social benefits.Is the stainless steel crusher as a normal crushing device? Is there anything different when used? If you also exist like this, please come and see our stainless steel airflow pulverizer operation and cleaning.

  1. Before using a stainless steel airflow mill, check whether all fasteners of the machine are tightened, whether the belt is tight.

  2, the spindle operation direction must conform to the direction of the arrow shown on the shield, otherwise it will damage the machine and may cause personal injury.

  3. Check if the stainless steel crushing machine is complete.

  4, check the stainless steel pulverizer in the pulverized chamber, there is a hard debris such as metal, otherwise the tool will be damaged, affecting the machine.

  5, the material must be checked before crushing, not allowing metal hard debris to be mixed, so as not to damage the knife or cause combustion and other accidents.

  6, the oil cup on the machine should often be injected into the lubricant to ensure the machine is operating normally.

  7. Stopping the feeding before the stop, if you do not continue to use, remove the legacy of the machine.

  8. Regularly check whether the tool is damaged with the screen. If there is damage, it should be replaced immediately.

  9. When using the timing, there is a small vibration, and it is necessary to connect the handle to the handle to avoid the accident.

  Stainless steel airflow pulverizer cleaning matters:

  1. Cleaning of other parts of the airflow pulverizer: It is mainly to clean the smaller cover and the outside of the screw. These places can be cleaned with a brush to brush, and if necessary, use water or wash essence.

  2, the cleaning of the crusher cabin. The crusher is also the crushing warehouse we said, and the item is pulverized in the pulverized warehouse, so it is the head of the head of the part. Different airflow crushers have a different role, we must make some understandings to this before use to get started and properly.

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