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Features of fluidized bed airflow pulverizer

  Airflow mill is the material mutual collision, and the product is free of iron pollution, which can fully achieve the food safety level. Do not use water, water wash, complete dry production, and produce tea micropowder with better particle size distribution. Stable, complete hierarchical flow field and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles. The airflow pulverization classifier has a variable combination structure: a one-purpose dual use, which can be smash and can be graded separately. Easy wear parts use wear-resistant treatment, which greatly reduces the wear of the equipment and prolongs the service life. Automation control, low noise, no dust pollution. The fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer After the compressed air is frozen, filtered, dried, and the nozzle forms a supersonic airflow into the pulverizing chamber, so that the material is fluidized, accelerated material in several nozzles. Point convergence, generate a dramatic collision, friction, cut, and ultra-fine pulverization of the particles.The characteristics of the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer are:

  1. High performance motor, operating stable, high speed; 2. Optimize the grading wheel, and use aerial material production, high line Speed, high cutting accuracy, particle size distribution narrow, etc .;

  3, uniform control, pre-screening of fine powder in the raw material, avoiding raw powder, pulverizing, improving fluidized bed airflow pulverizer;

  4, the appearance is beautiful, all connecting parts are connected to the sanitary hug, the inner wall is not dead angle, easy to clean, fully compliant with GMP requirements; 5, the structure is compact, realize the main unit, cyclone separator, pulse capture, control System, fan integrated configuration.

  If the product has quality problems, the repair, replacement, and retreats "three-package terms". From the date of the equipment warranty period, the customer has a free warranty for one year from the invoice and warranty certificate. Warranty service. In the normal use of equipment, the cost of maintenance produced by the unit itself is subjected to the ALPA, except for the except of the ALPA.