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What should be paid attention to before assembling a crusher?

  The development of Chinese medicine in China has been very fast. However, if there is no airflow milling in the process of development, it is not fully useful. As the Chinese medicine equipment industry is also a multi-development opportunity in the machining machinery industry, which is in the production process of pharmaceutical production. Particles are also very important for drugs or biological utilization. The main reason is that crush is a very important part.The crusher should be cleaned before assembly, ensuring surface cleaning. Note that the ring-dead screw hole is cleaned. If the ring mold material of the screw hole is unclear, the bolt is fastened to cause the break of the ring-die bolt hole, and it is desirable to use the torque wrench to secure the ring-dead bolt to ensure the specified tightening torque. In general, new rollers match new molds, ring molds, and old molds for old rolls, and rolls each partial gap is substantially the same. Therefore, the entire ring mold is loaded and unloaded, and production efficiency can be improved.

  When the roll is fitted, pay attention to the inspection of the bearing. If damage is found, it should be replaced in time. After the roller assembly should ensure a certain gap, the roller is free to rotate. The oil must be transferred on time, and once the roller lacks oil, it will cause combustion bearings and pressure rollers, and the entire roll is reported. Before paying attention to the work, check the drive, the instrument, valve, fill the lubricant, and remove iron iron. Finally granulation, calling on oil news materials into the mold hole to ensure that the mold is not corroded, and the carbon steel ring mold is more cautious.

  1. The comminution fixation should be fixed on the cement. If you often transform your working place, the pulverizer is installed on the base made with angle iron. If the pulverizer is powered by diesel engine, the power of the two should be matched, i.e., the diesel power is slightly greater than the pulverizer power, and the belt wheel groove of the two is consistent. The outer end of the leather belt is on the same plane.

  2. You must check if the part of the connecting bolts in the unit is fastened before booting, whether the looseness of the drive belt is suitable, whether the power cord is good. Whether the motor shaft and the pulveroid shaft are parallel.

  3, check if the hammer is good, whether the aperture of the screen is suitable, and there is no damage. Drag the belt with hands, check if the spindle rotation is flexible, there is no card, and it hits the friction.

  4, after boot, first turn the equipment for 2-3 minutes, check whether the rotor turns is correct, whether the sound is normal. Only after the rated speed is smooth, it can work.

  5, pay attention to the operation of the crusher at any time, the feeding should be uniform, to prevent blocking bulls, don't have a long time overload. If there is a vibration, noise, the bearing and the body temperature is too high, the outer spray, etc., should be immediately stopped, and the fault can continue to work.

  6, the pulverized material should be carefully examined, there is no foreign matter such as stone, metal, so as not to damage the machine.

  7. When the machine is running, the operator shall not leave the unit, and shall not remove the working conditions in the pulverization room in the operation, and the maintenance tool shall not be placed on the machine or filler.

  8. When the operator does not wear gloves, when blocking occurs, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the fill, and should stand on the side of the pulverizer to prevent rebound debris.

  9. Do not stop immediately after work, it should be idled for 2-3 minutes to make it completely discharged in the machine. Cleaning and maintenance work should be made after stopping.

  10, the hammer is mainly easy to lose weight, after wear, whether in the same direction, the angular angle or the needle, the angle is changed, and the whole set of hammers will be exchanged simultaneously. When replacing the new hammer, it is also necessary to replace the whole hammer at the same time. Single hammers are newly changed. Sieves are also easy to lose parts, such as partial sieves damage, can be riveted, and severe damage is required to replace new screens. 11. After 300 hours of crushing machine, to clean the bearing and replace the oil. When parking for a long time, you should remove the belt.

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