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Talking about the problem of internal speed of gas flow crusher, improve production efficiency

  Airflow milling for drugs, the drug particles after micronization mainly include: increase the specific surface area of ​​the powder powder, a more compact PSD (particle distribution size), more uniform size, better powder control characteristics ( Suspension, dispersion and absorption), more predictable powder properties, color consistency, gloss, opacity.

  In daily use of machines, there will be some small problems in the use of airflow mill, and its internal speed is problematic, and it is a headache. Because he will affect the efficiency of the machine and its processing accuracy. Today, Xiaobian has a problem of how to reduce the speed difference in the gas flow crusher.

  Why does the inside of the airflow pulverizer generate speed difference? This is mainly because there is a difference between the hammer and the hammer speed of the hammer and material, so the speed is generated. If this speed is different, then it will affect the working efficiency of the pulverizer. So, how to reduce the speed difference between the machine, then what a measure can you take? Some points:

  Action 1: Suitable adjustment of the hammer screen clearance

  Adjust the hammer sieve gap, thereby increasing efficiency. However, if you take into account the life of the sieve and hammer, then this measure is a long-lasting problem.

  Measures 2: Rational use of sieve anti-suction

  is placed inside the side of the screen hair hair, which can increase the friction, but when the meal burr is grinded There is no effect after the light.

  Measures 3: Increase suction

  The negative pressure is added to the airflow pulverizer, although there is a role, but will increase the degree of wear of the sieve and hammer, and It will increase suction power consumption.

  The above is how the airflow pulverizer is described in the airflow pulverizer speed difference. When we use the machine, we must pay attention to observe the operation of the machine and find problems to solve problems in time. Only in this way can we maintain the machine to improve production efficiency.

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