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Airflow crusher hotspot is obvious in pharmaceutical industries

  Fluidized Bed Grinding is the main model of gas flow grinding. It has obvious advantages compared to other crushing equipment, which represents the mainstream direction of gas flow crushing equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, pesticide, chemical, metallurgy. Non-metallic mine, talc, heavy gold stone, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant materials, advanced materials, ceramics and other dry powder materials.

  Airflow pulverizer hotspot is a good helper in the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike other crushers, the gas flow pulverizer is under high-speed airflow, and the material passes the impact of the particles, the gas stream impacts shear As well as the impact of the material and other components, the material is pulverized, which has the following main characteristics:

  1, the pulverization temperature is low, the thermal thermal thermal, the material is low-risk.2, short production cycle, high release rate. Due to high speed collisions and closed crushing, the probability of collision between the materials between the materials is large, and the dust does not leak.

  3, a product that is uniform with high purity and particle size distribution can be obtained.

  4, some materials that must not be pulverized with wet method can also be pulverized with airflow pulverization, and uniform and small powder can be obtained.

  5, a variety of joint operations can be realized, and the drying operation can be realized.

  From the above, the gas flow crusher is highlighted, and it has an important role in the pulverization of the pharmaceutical industry, and with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the status of the gas flow pulverizer will continue to rise.

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