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The origin of tea and ultrafine pulverizer

  When the airflow mill is used, the advantage is that the wear surface is relatively small, and the material is not easy to deposit. The impact force is also very large, and the efficiency of pulverization equipment and the fineness of the fineness are the same. It is also very widely used in the range of use. It is also very fine. It is also a typical material. It is also a super hard diamond. The high purity crushing requirements are also very high, and it is usually used in many industries. It is very large for drugs. importance.

  Speaking of tea, since ancient times, it has been loved, the production process of tea is also gradually changing the modernization, and the most obvious characteristic is

  Application of modern machinery and other modern machines

  . After the plant ultrafine crushing skills of the ultrafine pulverizer introduce the tea industry, the tea has a series of use, such as the additive to improve the taste and color of the food. The ultra-fine pulverizer is used in tea, and as the industry is competitive, it has more functions.

  Tea belongs to the leaf of plants, which is characterized by having a certain fibrous and toughness. Therefore, the ultra-fine pulverizer of this principle is very suitable for crushing tea. It can completely block the fibers in the tea, and quickly smash, achieving extremely high fineness and output, even more than 500 mete-like tea powder. After flushing, it is possible to completely form a suspension. The entrance feels excellent, no particle sense and discomfort, which is also a method for detecting the usual use of tea powder fineness. Since the tea contains a number of thermal substances, the improvanting phenomenon is generated due to friction such as friction. If overheating, the tea powder will turn yellow or grayish, and the efficacy is much reduced. In order to avoid this, the ultra-micro tea pulverizer is equipped with a cooling system. From the structure, air cooling is used, allowing air to take a part of the heat, and simultaneously add water-cooled cooling using a water cooler to cool down using a water cooler peripheral. Therefore, the entire process temperature rise is extremely low to ensure the quality of tea powder. If you need to understand, please call 24 hours online hotline: 0816-2547166, accept equipment options, technical inquiry, equipment troubleshooting consulting services, etc., welcome new and old users to call!

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