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What characteristics have crystal ultrafine pulverizer?

  Inert gas protection airflow explosion explosion. The whole system has explosion-proof holes in different positions in the whole line, which minimizes the loss during the bursting and explosion caused by the internal pressure and concentration of the system. The motor and other devices used in the whole system are explosion-proof motors, and the sealing performance is better, which effectively reduces the accumulation of dust.

  Crystal ultrafine pulverizer can be widely used in ultrafine pulverization needs of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, chemical cosmetic, food, feed, chemical, chemical, ceramics. Especially for fiber (such as Chinese herbal medicine, ganoderma lucidum, etc.), high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.), the crushing effect of high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.) is more perfect.

  What characteristics have the crystal ultrafine pulverizer? Shandong Erfat Powder Company summarizes the following six characteristics:

  1, high fineness, crushing of plant fibers The fineness can reach 8-20 μm (D98); hard, brittle material pulverization fineness is 1-5 μm (D98), some special materials are even thinner

  2, the temperature is low, the clever structure is avoided The heating of the occurrence of pulverization. Due to the low speed of the grinding wheel, it greatly reduces the heat generated by friction; the airflow is taken out from the pulverized chamber, and heat is also taken away. Therefore, at normal temperature, the powder temperature zui is only 45 ° C, which can fully meet the needs of most users, and no longer configure the cooling device separately, reduce the cost of use.Of course, for special users with a relatively high temperature requirement, the series model can also load the water cooling system, and there is no need to increase the occupied area, thereby achieving a better low temperature effect.

  3, low energy consumption, compared to other forms of ultrafine pulverizer, this series of models do not need air compressors and related subsidiary equipment, so that the power consumption is reduced; small area is small, Save space; simple manipulation, no need for too many operators, greatly save human costs. 4, no pollution, low loss, consumables, all use high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, avoid other media enters; the whole machine is smooth, the material is smoked, collecting is sufficient, reduced loss; grinding wheel rails use special super super Hard stainless steel materials, not easy to worry, long service life, thereby reducing the cost of use.

  5, easy to operate, strong adjustability, due to host motor,Each machine motor uses variable frequency control technology, and users can adjust any of the different fineness needs within different fineness ranges. 6, the structure is compact, low vibration, no need to fix the foot screw, can be moved freely according to the use site conditions.

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