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Component part of the ultrafine pulverizer of Chinese medicine

  Airflow grinding temperature without medium smashing: low melting point, thermal sensitivity, fibrous, polymer polymer powder; flammable, explosive, easy oxidized material for ultrafine processing Moques hardness; inert gas Realize the closed circuit cycle, the inert gas circulation is used.

  What are the components of the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer? Ultrafine pulverizer manufacturers are introduced in detail.

  The machine consists of coarse, fine break, wind conveyance, etc., with the purpose of the pulverizer in the form of high-speed impact. Using wind energy, it is powdered, and the traditional screening procedure is canceled. Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer According to a high-efficiency fine powder machine designated in my country's national conditions, the crushing of materials is installed in the same body in the same manner, and each is independently operated; the function is complete, the structure is stable, and the noise generation. High energy consumption efficiency, beautiful appearance, flexible use, wide adaptation, does not produce pulverized, can adjust powder fineness, easy maintenance, etc., which is ideal for pulverizing dry non-fibrous materials and minerals.

  The temperature of the ultra-fine pulverizer of the traditional Chinese medicine is uniform, and it is preferable to use in a glucose, plastic powder, a medium of thermal material such as Chinese herbal medicines. The unit has a host, auxiliary machine, integrating pipe, and electrical control unit. The auxiliary machine has a cyclone dust collector with the filter bag dust collector, but also the user's need to use it separately, and the main unit is equipped with a centrifugation unit, in addition to the crushing, it also has a grading function, a wind Centrifugation, no screening, no screening, powder particles can be adjusted, after the material is pulverized, the negative pressure is delivered to the discharge valve outlet, reaching the product requirements, the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer is widely used in chemical, dyes, paints, medicine, Different fields in various industries such as foods exceed finely pulverized, the material is pulverized, and the grading to the finished product is carried out in the same closed system, and the dust treatment, non-pollution is a complete set of equipment that is currently environmentally friendly.

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