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What are the operational steps of the ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine?

  With the national response call, my country's new energy cars have been in the forefront of the world. As the technology is getting higher and higher, the requirements for materials and equipment are also increasing. Gas flow mill has been developed and applied. For example, lithium electrical negative graphite, silicon carbon or the like can achieve ultra-narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle shape; lithium battery positive electrode phosphate, high nickel termination material, lithium manganate, etc. Energy Density.Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer is currently not only used to smash the Chinese medicine, but also used to smash the grains of the grain, grind food into flour, which is convenient and cleaned. Then there is the specific steps of the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer? El Pai Supermaster manufacturers are detailed in detail:

  1. First open the collection box door of the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine crusher, in materials Take a dedicated bag, close the collection box door.

  2. Select the screen according to the process requirements of the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer, install the screen. 3. It is also necessary to check whether the material that is smashed with a traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer needs to be preprocessed.

  4. To open the switch of the fan, turn on the motor's switch, so that the equipment is not running normally, adding materials. The speed of the feed is adjusted according to the extent and fineness of the material of the material.

  5. At the end of the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer, it must stop the feeding before going to stop, so that the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer continues to operate until the crushing room until. 6. After turning off the motor switch of the Chinese medicine crusher, open the collection box door and take out the material to be used.

  7. If the amount of pulverized material is large, the Chinese medicine pulverizer can be repeated, and all the materials are all pulverized. 8. After the medium medicine ultrafine pulverizer is over, there is a need to close all power switches.

  9. Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer Check the integrity of the equipment components of Chinese medicine crusher, there is no abnormality.

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