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Diatomite micro powder takes 15 microns thick separation which airflow classifier?

  Shandong ALPA custom production gas flow is widely used in chemical, abrasive, ceramics, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, battery materials, etc., high purity and high hardness dry materials Ultrafine pulverized grading segmentation.

  The diatomaceous earth microfour is generally sieved in the manner of airflow classifier. The airflow classifier is high, high precision, high precision, large yield, and is suitable for the coarse separation, segmentation, dispersion of micron fine powder. It is no dust pollution, and there is no impurities mixed. Favorite powder equipment. In the grading of diatomaceous earth micro powder, if you need to separate fine powder below 15 microns to coarse powder above 15 μm, what airflow classifier should be used? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

  The thick separation of 15 microns of diatomaceous earth microfourly is preferred. The FW airflow classifier is a high-grade turbine grading equipment produced by Erli, Shandong, has high precision, high efficiency, high stability, and has higher visibility in the industry. The working principle of the FW airflow classifier is that the material is moved from the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the bottom of the wind turbulence to the grading area, and the crude material is separated under the power of high-speed rotation. The fine particles required to meet the particle diameter through the graded wheel blade gap into the cyclone separator or dust collector (effect: purification air), the thick particles are partially fine particles to hit the wall, and the wall decreases in the barrel wall. At the place of the secondary wind, the thickness of the thickness is separated, and the fine particles rise to the secondary grade of the graded area, and the crude particles fall to the unloading port.

  The airflow classifier can be said to be a high degree of accuracy ZUI in the current dry grading equipment. The graded spherical, sheet-like, and irregular shaped particles can also be classified for different densities (units: g / cm3 or kg / m3). It can be used in series with a ball mill, vibration grind, Raymond mill, constitute a closed circuit loop. Control System Using Program (Procedure), the running status is displayed in real time, and the operation is easy. The system is negatively operated, no dust leaks, is a high-tech environmental equipment.

  Strengthening environmental protection and reducing climate change risks are the necessary bars of enterprise developmentParts, all the awareness of ALPA has started from the perspective of creating a beautiful environment, abide by the "green development, environmental priority", using industrial waste as a power source, for fly ash, slag, steel slag, tailings, poor mine Circular economic solutions such as pool mud and other industrial solid waste make high value-added comprehensive utilization.