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Airflow pulverizer can effectively solve dust pollution in the pharmaceutical industry

  The use of ultra-micro gas flow grinding is very broad, such as the ultrafine comminution demand for multi-industry dry materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, creative, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical industry. Especially for fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, etc., is more perfect.

  dust pollution, dust hazard, dust explosion has been in recent years, the problem of smashing the processing industry. Materials should be pulverized to produce dust, and the amount of dust is large to the human body. It will also cause pulveration waste. If the material is in the pulverization process, the temperature is too high. It can lead to dust explosion. Of course, since the airflow pulverizer is put into production, it is very effective to avoid this series of issues.

  With the advancement of the environmental protection industry, there is no dust that has gradually become qualified for testing the crusher. The productive dust is produced during the production process and floats in the production of solid particles in the production of ambient air for a long time. If the dust is not controlled, it will destroy the production environment, causing dust hazards, seriously threatening the health of workers and the service life of the machine, and pollution to the atmosphere, environmental protection is not too close. After a long-term update, the traditional pulverizer continuously upgrades the R & D environmental protection crushing system to achieve clean and safe production environment, and constantly meet the special process requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

  Pharmaceutical companies represent dust in addition to contamination, it is easy to cause explosions. In order to prevent the occurrence of dust explosions, many manufacturing companies need to monitor dust in the environmental air during operation, and take timely measures to minimize dust explosion. Dust detector referred to as dust detector, also called dust measuring instrument or dust tester, mainly used to detect dust concentration in the ambient air. This can only be targeted, and cannot be completely resolved.

  In recent years, green, environmental protection, energy saving concepts continue to implement, traditional crushers face pollution problems, basically gradually eliminated. With the demand of the market, the progress of the comminuted industry technology, after the airflow pulverizer is slowly integrated into the market, many pharmacies have begun to introduce or use low temperatures, no dust-free airflow mills, and the gas flow pulverizer can not only improve the crushing performance. Moreover, it can reduce the loss of raw materials, crush in the sealed state, no dust pollution, noise is relatively small.

  air flow powderThe shredding is high, the granular shape is good, the yield is high, and after the gas flow crusher is pulverized, the solubility of the drug can be improved, and the surface area of ​​the drug particles can increase the surface area of ​​the drug particles, which is convenient for human body absorption, and the efficacy has also improved a lot. Moreover, the entire pulverization process of the airflow pulverizer is carried out in full-closed state. It is very good to avoid the production of dust, no dust pollution, neither threatening the health of workers, can also achieve environmental requirements.

  After the airflow pulverizer is put into production, it has achieved a good crushing effect in the relevant field, especially the smashing of fibrous materials, breaking through the cultivation of the industry for many years, and achieving better requirements.

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