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Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is an effective step in the preparation of silicahydrate processing

  It is especially suitable for pulverizing fibrous and belt materials with a certain grease. Its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and AlPa gas flow is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food (Example: Chinese medicine. Food. Chemical. Care. Roots. Radius. Corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soy, garlic , Octagonal, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, sugar, sugar, food, shrimp skin, pumpkin powder, seasoning, etc.

  Walny ashstone is an inorganic needle mineral, which is characterized by non-toxic, chemical resistance, thermal stability and dimensional stability, glass and pearl gloss, low water absorption rate and oil absorption value, mechanical properties and Excellent electrical performance and has a certain reinforcement. This product is mainly used as an enhanced filler of highlighted matrix composite. Such as plastic, rubber, ceramics, coatings, building materials and other industries. In the processing of silica graystones, the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is usually super micro-pulverized, graded, which has become the usual way of industries.

  The fluidized bed airflow pulverizer has a crushing host, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box, and the like. The material is subjected to the pulverization chamber by the feed, and the high-speed airflow is blown by the high-speed airflow, which is pulverized and rubbed, and the pulverization fine can adjust the distance from the grading knife and the hierarchy disc to achieve the desired fineness, and the smash material is transferred. The role of centrifugal force and air blower enters the cyclone separator, then, the dust enters the pulse dust collector by the shutter, and the recovery is filtered through the anti-static dust release bag.

  The process characteristics of the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer are: high-speed particles do not collide with the inner wall during pulverization, and the object material does not pass the nozzle. Therefore, the wear is extremely light, the product is not polluted. The upper part of the host is equipped with a horizontal grading wheel, which prevents coarse particles from entering the finished product. Due to the use of fluidized bed principle (airflow expansion, cracking, rubbing, friction) and the horizontal turbine grading device, compared with other types of gas flow, energy saving, energy saving 30-40%. The particle size distribution of the product is narrow and has no large particles, the degree of automation is high, the noise is small, and the structure is compact.

  The speed of the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer grading wheel has a significant impact on the long diameter of the silica grayite product, and Liu Haixin et al research on the ratio of different graded rotation speed on the ratio of the silica grayite product, its research results Indicates that with the continuous increase in the ranking wheel speed, the long diameter of the silica gray is better than the firstIt is gradually increased, and after a peak, its long diameter will be rapidly reduced.

  In the case where the grading wheel speed is constant, with the increase of the gas flow, the average length of the product is significantly short, but the average diameter has no obvious fluctuations, so the overall perspective, with the increase of the gas stream The silica gray stone is reduced.

  The grading treatment of fluidized bed airflow pulverizer on the surface of the silica grayite, the silica gray stone raw material first graded, and then the airflow pulverizer is treated, which can protect the silica grayite product. The long diameter ratio, and the silica graystone product obtained by different grains is relatively uniform. The material is given to the fluidized bed gas flow under grade, which is an effective step of producing a high long diameter than silicone.

  For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of the ALPA Powder Science and Technology said that ALPA powder technology is very clear and full of confidence. In the future, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to innovation, quality, service, and constructs "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.