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Lithium-based bentonite gas flow pulverizer processing can easily achieve superfine

  The critical speed of the temperature of the air flow grinding is 320m / s. When the temperature rises to 480 degrees, the kinetic energy is also in short increase of 150%, so it can improve the work and temperature is also very advantageous. Improve our crushing effect. Depending on the pressure of the work quality is the main parameters that generate jet or airflow, it is also the main parameters affecting the fineness of the pulverization.Lithium-based bentry soil can be used as an alcohol-based coating suspending agent, anti-sanding binder, and a variety of ceramic glazed coatings, a suspending agent, a thixotropic, and resistant to a variety of precision castings. The precipitant; a thixotropic agent, latex stabilizer, a strong polar oil solvent used for latex paint or the like, and a thickening agent in a strong polar oil solvent can also be used as a slurry on the fabric. Lithium-based bentry is usually used in front of these industries, usually uses the airflow pulverizer to the ultrafine powder state, and Shandong Erpa is a manufacturer specializing in the production of gas flow. Then, the following is a small editor by Shandong Erp. Everyone introduces how the airflow pulverizer is used in lithium-based bentonite.

  The airflow pulverizer is usually composed of a crushing host, a cyclone collector, a dust collector, a guide fan, a control cabinet, and other components. The subsequent comminal region causes the material to be fluidized (the airflow expansion is suspended in a fluidized bed, and thus each of the particles have the same motion state. In the crushing area, the accelerated particles are pulverized with each other in each nozzle. The crushing material is delivered to the hierarchical region, and the fine powder reaching the particle size required by horizontally arranged ranking wheels, and the coarse powder that does not reach the particle size requirement continues to be pulverized. Qualified fine powder enters the high-efficiency cyclonic separator with the airflow to obtain the collected gas, and the dust is discharged into the atmosphere after filtering the dust filter. With airflow pulverizer processing lithium-based swinging soil has the following advantages:

  1. Centralized particle size distribution: No panicched.

  2. The power can be stabilized, the finished product is high, and a small amount of raw materials is qualified.

  3. Operating stability, high reproduction and high reliability; military quality, durable.

  4. Fine: D97: 3 ~ 100 μm; Yield Series: 2 ~ 5000 kg / h.

  5. Fully automatic one-button start and stop (optional touch screen), automatic program or manual control.

  6. Universality: Various soft and hard, lightweight materials; particle morphologyGood and no shot.

  7. The host does not require the secondary wind, do not breathe, the flow field is stable, and the quality is one.

  8. Replacement Nozzle Only Operation of the Glass Observation Wind Observer: It is convenient and fast.

  9. Only clean compression gas passes through nozzles, and wear is very light without affecting product quality.

  10. The main unit is free of volume, cleaning and thorough; tail shortcut emissions.

  The airflow pulverizer is one of the commonly used ultra-fine pulverized equipment, and the product processed by the airflow pulverizer has a narrow particle size distribution, the particle surface is smooth, the particle shape is high, and the activity is large. It is characterized by a good dispersibility, and the ultrafinelation of lithium-based bulb particles using the airflow pulverizer is an important means in the current industry.

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