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Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer advances with the times, large, environmentally friendly

  Inert gas protection airflow explosion explosion. The whole system has explosion-proof holes in different positions in the whole line, which minimizes the loss during the bursting and explosion caused by the internal pressure and concentration of the system. The motor and other devices used in the whole system are explosion-proof motors, and the sealing performance is better, which effectively reduces the accumulation of dust.

  In order to adapt to new materials companies for new materials, the new demand for high capacity, low labor costs, Shandong Erpai advances, on the basis of the original airflow crusher series, new developed large-scale equipment MQW -800 and MQW-1250 two fluidized bed airflow pulverizer models, comprehensive entry into large production energy high-purity ultra-fine product powder treatment areas. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, the whole machine is manufactured in 304 stainless steel materials, and the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is applied to chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, electronic materials, battery materials, and polymer new materials. Ultrafine pulverization of raw materials.

  The fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is mainly composed of a feed system, a crushing system, a cyclone collector, a dust collector, and a guide fan. The principle is to adopt advanced aerospace jet technology. It is mainly collided with high speeds between materials and materials, which can be pulverized below 10, and non-contaminated materials.Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer temperature absorption:

  The whole process of pulverization is low, suitable for low melting point, comminity of thermal materials.

  Fluidized bed airflow pulverizing machine:

  A SUSU04 stainless steel manufacturing body, the reverse mirror polishing, the appearance is like art; the liner uses high wear-resistant engineering ceramics, non-polluting materials.

  Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer features:

  1, the model is suitable for dry pulverization of ultrapure, ultrafine technical materials, avoiding dehydration, drying, and then pulverizing complex process after wet crushing .

  2, pulverization fine D50 <5μm, partial fine chemical, toner, medicine, pigment, etc. D50 <0.5μm

  3, simple structure, easy operation, unpacking, very simple

  4, internal No moving parts, long service life.

  Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer currently in new energy lithium battery materials, Silicon Valley products, supercapacitance materials, LED, tricho, etc., high-end medicine (such as palladium to medicinal, biological teeth, skeletal materials, etc.), aerospace Materials, advanced ceramics and other high-end industries have widespread applications, Shandong Erfai fluidized bed airflow pulverization machineFor free processed experiments and testing, the majority of users call to discuss cooperation.

  Follow the order, quantity and accessories of the order equipment, ensure that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.