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Ceramic liner airflow pulverizer for lithium iron phosphate processing can be 100% guaranteed

  With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the gas flow grinding is increasingly participated in the research and development of drugs. And gradually stroke a complete pulverization system, and there is an unparalleled advantage over other micronized equipment.

  In the preparation of lithium iron phosphate, impurity pollution and metal pollution during processing are not allowed, and the processing equipment for lithium iron phosphate is not allowed. Claim. At present, ultrafine pulverization processing of lithium iron phosphate has become a customary method with a gas flow pulverizer, so how does the gas flow crusher do not pollute? Shandong Erpi generally uses ceramic lining airflow pulverizer to processed lithium iron phosphate, which is inside the airflow mill, and the ceramic liner is added to the material contact portion, which can guarantee the purity of raw material.

  So far, the ceramic liner gas flow crusher for lithium iron phosphate still is "true ceramics", including the entire machine, feed mechanism, pulverizing nozzle, discharge mechanism The grading wheel, etc. is integrated with 99% alumina ceramic or part of zirconia ceramic production, rather than traditional coating or mosaic ceramic patch, which makes all impact portions and overcurrent parts through reasonable processing and assembly processes. It can be fully protected by the ceramic module so that the high-new material is pulverized after the gas flow is pulverized, does not introduce magnetic or non-magnetic metal pollution, and since the ceramic module used is high, the wear resistance is excellent, even the material having a high hardness can also be exhausted. It may reduce wear, reduce the introduction of foreign matter, can be said to be a new material that requires high purity and the original non-mineral industry in the upgrade transformation process, it is necessary to meet greater capacity, but also to minimize pollution, improve product additional Under these requirements, the most suitable ultra-fine pulverized equipment in the market is.

  In order to adapt to the new material enterprise new demand for large capacity, low labor costs, Shandong Erpai company advances, and has developed large-scale equipment based on the original total ceramic liner crusher series products. That is, MQW-600 and MQW-800 two models, full enters large production energy high-purity ultrafine new material powder treatment areas.

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