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Briefly describe the development overview of the airflow pulverizer and the main manufacturer

  Airflow mill manufacturer introduces that gas flow mills are very common in some non-metal industries, because gas flow grinding can uniformly uniform, its particle size distribution is not only narrow, but also the surface of the particles is also very smooth. And the shape of the particles is also very uniform, and there will be no strange shape.

  Airflow pulverizer is one of the important equipment for ultrafine processing, and the airflow pulverizer is also known as the airflow pulverizer means using high-speed airflow (300 ~ 500m / s) or overheating steam (300 ~ 400 ° C) Energy, so that the particles are impact, collide, and fribly realize ultrafine pulverized equipment.

  With the following advantages compared to other types of pulverizations: 1 product particle size is good. The average particle size (D50) of the material is typically 5 μm or less, and the particle size distribution is narrow. 2 High purity is high, especially for drugs such as drugs and other materials that are contaminated. 3 can be pulverized with low melting points and thermal materials. 4 The product is highly granulated and has good dispersibility. 5 Continuous production process, high production capacity and high automation. The current airflow pulverizer is divided into five types, namely: flat airflow pulverizer, O airflow pulverizer (circulating type), target airflow pulverizer, flushing airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverized.

  The development of gas flow from Goslin, experienced the success of Andrew's flat airflow pulverizer, the development of about one hundred years, the development of technology has become mature, forming five typical machines above type. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compared to comparison, the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer has a significant advantage, representing the mainstream direction of the development of the gas flow crushing equipment.

  At present, the development and production of ultrafine gas flow crushing equipment in my country has been greatly developed, and it has made important contributions to my country's powder industry. In China, the main manufacturer of airflow pulverizer is represented by Shandong Erfai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces ultrafine pulverization and grading equipment such as airflow pulverizer, airflow classifier, mechanical crusher. The technology-based group company in the development, production and sales of powder equipment is a high-tech enterprise, a custom-made airflow pulverizer, airflow classifier, and graded impact grinding, and a leading enterprise in the domestic ultrafine powder equipment industry. Famous trademarks in Shandong Province.

  Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the "Two Biography" Hometown and Western Science Electronic City -- Mianyang is separated from the China Air Dynamics Research and Development Center from the National Defense Tips. The high-tech enterprises consisting of domestic airflow pulverization and research and development team are the unique and technological advantages of superfine pulverization equipment in China. R & D and production base . The company has excellent R & D teams, product core technology reaches international advanced levels, product species involves many applications, providing top 100 engineering solutions, solving a large number of powder processing challenges. Quality Miles are ALPA Powder Technology to give back to the country 's thousands of customers to have a groundbreaking activity that is favored by AlPA brands. For many years, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to the "service value-added, shared value" commitment, leaping thousands of mountains, walking through the motherland, north, north, unhappy, only for the first line of customers, communicating with customers, and establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers . The event not only improved the customer satisfaction of the ALPA brand, but also consolidated the status of airflow crusher products produced in Alpa production in the national market.