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Shandong Yeli airflow crusher is applied to the black silicon industry has these obvious advantages

  The development of the powder industry is inseparable from the powder equipment, and the powder equipment, especially the ultrafine pulverized equipment plays an important role in the development of the powder industry. Airflow mill is one of the common ultrafine pulverized equipment, but not all the powder should be smashed with gas flow, which industries will be used?

  Airflow crusher equipment is used in black silicon carbide, which has been significantly affected and recognized by users.

  Airflow pulverizer is based on the original MQW airflow pulverizer, which is developed according to different physical properties and processing requirements of green silicon, black silicon. A special airflow pulverization classifier.

  The series of fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is our patented product, the pulverization process is made from high-pressure air to form a high-speed pollen mixture with each other, and the host does not have any There is no motor such as moving parts. The entire pulverization process has no traditional pressure and friction. The material is smashed by itself, and there is no secondary pollution during pulverization. The product is extremely high, suitable for high hardness and purity of refractory materials. 1, the wear is small, high purity: the airflow with animal material is striking each other and has no mechanical media. 2, ultrafine high essence: Relying on the material to hit the strike, it can be applied to super hard and high purity, its finished product is far more than the mechanical pulverizer, in general, * fine can reach D50 = 0.2 microns. The highly established turbine classifier is used to obtain a product of a narrower particle size distribution. 3, the particle shape is good: by adjusting the air pressure when the gas flow is pulverized, the purpose of maintaining and adjusting the morphology of the granules, in particular, the effect of the airflow pulverizer is better than other equipment. 4, the operation and maintenance is simple: the equipment is small, the daily maintenance is small, and the uniform use of automatic control is reduced, reducing labor intensity.

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