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The airflow pulverizer is in my country, and the development is rapid and imported.

  Application of cosmetics in the daily chemical industry contains a large amount of solid powder, such as titanium white powder, calcium carbonate, gas flow milling technology to improve powder structure, improve powder structure, and product performance and product Quality has great improvement.

  The airflow pulverizer rely on the collision between the material itself during the pulverization of the pulverizer, which is different from the mechanical pulverizer relies on the blade or a pure film, etc. The pulverization is also relatively high, and the purity of the finished product is also very high. As the market's demand for crushing equipment is growing, the development of airflow crusher industry has ushered in opportunities. At the same time, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the innovation and upgrading of instrumentation equipment also meets the needs of users.

  In recent years, my country's gas flow crushing technology has continued to improve. Many pharmaceutical machinery companies have introduced advanced technology in foreign countries, independent innovation and production. On the way of future development, such as introducing airflow pulverization techniques into traditional Chinese medicine processing, creating new pulverization techniques, reducing the energy consumption of pulverized equipment, extending the replacement period of consumables, increasing production. I believe that domestic airflow crusher equipment will occupy some markets. land. The Design and Solution Research and Development of Shandong El Pie 's Made in Ultrafine Crushed and Airflow Crusher. A one-to-one communication with the customer can design a crushing process according to different requirements of the user. Products include disc airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer and machines that meet GMPS / FDA standards. Mechanical ultrafine grinding machine and powder classifier are suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, beauty health products, new energy, new materials and other industries.

  Follow the order, quantity and accessories of the order equipment, ensure that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.