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Airflow pulverizer manufacturers provide quality equipment technical solutions and quotations

  Apple skin, citrus skin, wheat bran, corn skin, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag, sugar canesets, etc. The absorption effect should also be greatly reduced, and after the processing is treated with gas flow, it can significantly improve the eating taste and absorption.

  Dry ultra-fine pulverization process is a superfine pulverized process for a wide application of hard crispy materials, which is simple in pulverization process, short production process. No need to set a subsequent filtration and drying in the production of dry powder. Equipment, easy to operate, easy to control, less investment, low operation costs. In a dry ultrafine pulverized apparatus, the airflow pulverizer takes an important position with an overwhelming advantage to become a development direction of ultrafine pulverization equipment.

  The basic principle of the airflow pulverizer is to cause the particles to fluinate the particles by ejecting a high-speed air flow ejected in a set of nozzles distributed at a planar or space. Dragous collisions and friction occurring, and fine particles were classified as finished powder by fractionation wheels, and the crude particles were returned to the grinding chamber. In the grinding chamber, the interaction between the particles is mainly pulverized, and the effect between the particles and the grinding is small. Therefore, one of the advantages of the airflow pulverizer is to wear resistance, and effectively avoid the raw material being contaminated by metal.

  Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a source manufacturer specializing in the production of airflow crushers. It has advanced airflow mills in the industry to develop, produce, sales, and provide you with the highest quality powder processing. Service, service area: Ultra-fine pulverization of materials such as medicine, chemical, ceramics, pesticides, food, etc., can meet all of the requirements of all super fine powder.

  In the future, ALPA Powder Technology will further expand its landscape in the Colombian market, and with Colombia as the entry point, gradually radiate Brazil, Chile, etc., is expected to open a new situation for the South American market. At the same time, the high-light performance in the powder equipment industry, AlPa powder technology has played a positive role in the high-endization and international image of its brand, and further consolidated the leadership of its energy-saving and environmentally friendly powder equipment. Providing a good development idea for the world's powder equipment and even Chinese brands.