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Slim powder can be prepared with ultrafine powder with airflow pulverizer, not impurities

  Ceramic liner airflow pulverization classifier application range: non-metallic mine: kaolin, talc, graphite, light calcium carbonate, mica, vermiculite, spinel, concave stone, silica, magnesium stone, Bentonite, etc. High hardness materials: silicon carbide, corundum, zirconia, carbide, electrical stone, silica, alumina, garnet, zircon sand, diamond, etc. Chemical materials: aluminum hydroxide, silicone, white carbon black, wood powder, ring Oxygen resin, toner, polytetrafluoroethylene, foaming agent, magnesium hydroxide, cellulose, triulfide, trioxide, titanium powder, alumina, dye, pigment, etc. Pesticide materials: polystrichum, methyl Tobon, herbicide powder, pesticide powder, bactericide powder wettable powder, etc. Medicine materials: green tea, salvia, pearl powder, sturdy powder, three seventh, Western green fruit, nimor, non-Nobet, Ibuprofen, bismuth nitrate, can be loose, penicillin, pollen, pearl powder, nimmist equality food material: barley powder, food calcium, coral reef, large wheat seedlings, gum powder and other pigment materials: iron oxide, chromium oxide, phthala Cyine, cadmium red, cadmium blue and other metallic materials: zinc powder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, tin powder, copper powder, tantalum powder, tin lead alloy powder, molybdenum iron powder, etc. battery material: lithium cobaltate, cobalt oxide, manganese acid Lithium, manganese dioxide, lithium nickellate, lithium carbonate, coke carbon, graphite, lithium iron phosphate, bitumen, composite, etc. Other new materials: rare earth materials, magnetic materials, ceramic materials, refractory materials, electronic materials, etc.

  The main ingredient of talc powder is aqueous silicate silicate, and its macquard hardness is 1-1.5, which is slid. Mainly used in rubber, paint, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, paper and other industries as additives. Among them, the talc of cosmetics is mainly used in cosmetics such as moisturizing powder, beauty powder, talcum powder. Want to get fine talc that requires a gas flow pulverizer for machining.

  The MQW gas flow pulverizer has high advantages in processing toner powder, as shown below:

  1, the pulverity is large, the product is fine, but the number of microns can even The submicron, the particle regular, the surface is smooth.

  2, the high speed rotation is classified, the product particle size is narrow, and the single particle component is more.

  3, can be pulverized as a hard material such as a hard alloy such as a hard alloy, which is suitable for pulverizing the thermal premium and flammable explosive materials.

  4, combined operations such as pulverization and drying, crushing, pulverization, and chemical reactions can be achieved.

  5, high energy utilization, airflow pulverizer can reach 2% -10%, while ordinary pulverizer is only 0.6%.

  6, the product is purity, since there is no rotating member in the pulverized chamber, the particles are pulverized by collision with each other, and the material is wearned in the chamber wall. The ventricular wall is a wear resistant lining with a high hardness, and product contamination can be further prevented.

  7, the equipment structure is simple, easy to clean, can obtain a pure product, and aseptic operation can also be performed.

  Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. produced MQW series ultrafine gas current pulverizer can cause the material to crack down on the airflow, do not bring impurities, and the particle size can reach between 3-100 microns, and the particle size can Turn. Equipment disassembly and packing is convenient, the inner wall is smooth without dead angle, low noise during operation, and the production process is clean and environmentally friendly. A favorite of ultrafine powder manufacturers. For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided the manufacturing quality of industrial powders, and continues to precipitate, creating the processes, welding automation, and molding process standards. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.