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The airflow pulverizer is supermulgage of the dry material and the hard material.

  Agricultural products are organic compounds, which are life-life organisms, but not only require crushing should reach the specified physics, chemical and microbiological indicators, but should also consider their biological characteristics such as toughness, elasticity, viscoelasticity and pulverizing strength. Easy (such as water content, growth period, etc.) and features that are easy to rot. The ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will have a large market prospect, economic benefits and social benefits in agricultural products.

  The new generation of airflow pulverizer can achieve customized production depending on the material of the material, according to the amount of yield, such airflow pulverizer can achieve a large amount of pulverization, convenient cleaning, simple operation.

  The airflow pulverizer especially for the ultrafine pulverization of the dry material and the hard material, which is more fine and more yields in the pulverization process. For metal's crushing is no longer talking, diamond This hard carbon powder self-structure can be superfined, the more dry the modern ultrafine pulverizer for material, the greater the hardness.

  The ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is perfect in a closed environment when performing ultrafine pulverization, and does not produce dust from dust. . It is also very environmentally friendly mechanical equipment. The ultrafine pulverizer is divided into a gas current pulverizer and a mechanical pulverizer according to the different media. The airflow pulverizer can be filled with air or special gases to ensure the integrity of the material. The mechanical pulverizer can be divided into a variety of kinds, small bar crushing, etc., the specific principle is to ultrafish pulverization by the collision of materials and equipment. But whether it is the form of ultrafine pulverizer, it is very environmentally friendly in the process of crushing materials. The size of size can range from one kg to 100 pounds per hour. The fineness is also from hundreds of objectives.

  Shandong Er Pie's airflow milling can not only achieve ultrafine pulverization, but also suitable for high hardness, high purity and high value-of-value material, the pulverized material is well granular, and the particle size distribution is narrow. In terms of quality inspection, ALPA powder technology is particularly stricter. It is well known that a manufacturing process of a ultrafine powder is often up to hundreds. As a special equipment, the airflow pulverizer is like a special process, and it is possible to make a big disaster. becauseTherefore, ALPA powder technology has established seven process stop points in the production process, which is strictly controlled by different engineers, and each other is independent and mutual supervision, and it is timely discovery and solve the problem. Any detail is unqualified, it is unable to enter the proceeding process, which is the quality monitoring of AlPa powder technology to the production process.