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Common equipment in the industry - airflow pulverizer

  The traditional Chinese herbal medicinal material is performed by gas flow, but also has the characteristics of processing non-pollution, maintaining the original chemical properties of the substance, and the characteristics of the powder shape, but can make the Chinese medicine materials have a unique small size effect, surface or interface effect. Wait, thereby exhibiting many excellent properties; the drug will have new advantages such as quantitative, easy to absorb, specificity, targeting when the drug is pulverized to 10 μm to 1 μm. It is more fully able to give full play to the effects of drugs, improve the efficacy, and reduce the economic burden of patients.

  As a common equipment in various industries - Airflow pulverizer can be said to be very common, whether it is in the food industry or the chemical industry, the gas flow crusher can play very The important role, increasing work efficiency is unquestionable. However, what is your understanding of the advantages of the airflow crusher?

  The advantages of the use of the airflow pulverizer are more, like the airflow pulverizer can ensure the fine breakdown of the product, such as white sugar, etc. also requires a gas flow crushing machine, but in use At the time of airflow pulverizer, it must be noted that because the airflow pulverizer used in different industries has a certain difference, it is necessary to place raw materials according to the requirements during use.

  Different types of airflow pulverizer can be smashing materials, if mixed with airflow pulverizer, not only certain guarantees for products, but also results in a decrease in the work efficiency and service life of the airflow pulverizer. So before you need to purchase a gas flow crush, you must find a professional powder equipment manufacturer in Shandong Erf powder equipment, which can customize a high quality airflow crusher according to your specific requirements.

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