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Airflow pulverizer pulverization and uniformity is still research focus

  Inert gas protection airflow explosion explosion. The whole system has explosion-proof holes in different positions in the whole line, which minimizes the loss during the bursting and explosion caused by the internal pressure and concentration of the system. The motor and other devices used in the whole system are explosion-proof motors, and the sealing performance is better, which effectively reduces the accumulation of dust.With the development of airflow pulverizer technology, it will play an important role in the pharmaceutical pulverization process. However, in order to ensure long-term use in the pharmaceutical industry in the pharmaceutical industry, we still need to continue to work hard in improving drug quality, which improves the pulverization efficiency, the pulverization and uniformity of the airflow pulverizer. It is the direction in which companies need attention.

  In the process of pharmaceutical production, the particle size has an important impact on drug biological utilization. For example, during the preparation process, the finer the particle size, the biological utilization will greatly improve. Therefore, pulverization is a key link in the process of pharmaceutical production. However, the worse the particle size, the higher the requirements for the coal mill.

  Airflow pulverizer has the advantage of low pulverization temperature, short production cycle, high abnormal powder, uniform particle size distribution, and uniform particle size distribution, etc. is a powerful auxiliary equipment in the pharmaceutical pulverization process.

  Airflow pulverizer mainly relying on the collision of the material in the crushing process. The equipment wear resistant, high product purity, favored by the pharmaceutical industry. However, as the state's requirements for drug quality and biotechnology are increasing, pharmaceutical companies have higher requirements for the particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products. In order to meet the development needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the airflow crusher needs to continuously improve and optimize the equipment on the basis, so that the crushing products are more refined and distributed is more uniform.

  In order to promote my country's Airflow Crusher technology, many companies are working hard, and many companies have achieved certain achievements. Some insiders said that as the grinding of the drug is getting fine, the distribution is increasing and uniform, and the airflow pulverizer will bring a revolution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. From the current point of view, although there is still a certain gap between the national advanced technology level, with the continuous efforts of my country's enterprises, the airflow crusher products will make a big breakthrough in the fineness of medicinal materials.

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