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Powdery mildew of flowers can be controlled by industrial sulfur powder

  Sulfur powder in agricultural pest control, soil pH regulation on some of the special role, we have done in the previous article to you. In fact, the industrial sulfur powder can also play an irreplaceable role in the training of flowers. For example, the sulfur powder can be used to control rose powdery mildew. So how should we operate? Let's understand it together.

  Powdery mildew is a common disease of rose flowers. In an environment of high temperature, high humidity, and poor ventilation, a kind of oily powder will appear on the surface of stems and leaves. At this point, the plant stops growing, and the buds are not easy to open. In severe cases, the leaves dry and fall, then dry off the new shoots. This is caused by powdery mildew. In this case, we can use sulfur product powder for prevention and control.

  Rose, Lagerstroemia indica, and other plants are prone to mildew under high temperature, high humidity, and poor ventilation. The fungicides such as carbendazim, tobramycin, abamectin, and Bordeaux solution had poor control effects and could not control the disease.

  Sulfur product powder is the powder of the non-metallic element sulfur. It can be widely used in the cultivation of flowers and trees, especially in the prevention of flower diseases, antisepsis, wound healing, and so on. It takes only half the effort to get twice the result.

  The method is: first spray the infected plant with the sprayer (attached with sulfur product powder), then spray the sulfur product powder onto the diseased branch and leaf with the duster. For powdery mildew of potted plants, you can use the watermelon frost (oral ulcer medicine) to wash the small spray cans and dry them, then spray sulfur powder. Thick paper can also be rolled into cylinders of different sizes, a small amount of sulfur powder can be put into the cylinder from the big end, aligned with the diseased part, and then blown out from the small end to disperse evenly.

  Agricultural sulfur powder in addition to the above in the control of rose powdery mildew in the case of the use of coups, in other aspects of flower planting can also play a lot of irreplaceable roles, we will be in the follow-up article to gradually understand.