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Nano-grade powder reunion can also use air current pulverizer to disperse

  The ultra-fine pulverization technology of airflow is almost used in many areas of agricultural products, food, health food, cosmetics, seasonings, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is expected that this century will have a greater faster development in the following.The nano powder has a quantum dimension effect, a small size effect, a surface effect, and a macroscopic quantum effect, thereby exhibiting many unique properties. The nanopowder has a strange activity, which is prone to agglomeration, so that the nanoma effect of nanomaterials cannot be fully utilized, limiting its application. Using the

  airflow pulverizer

  , the agglomerated material is scattered, and the material restores the original particle size.

  The agglomeration of the nano powder refers to the phenomenon of forming a large powder cluster in the preparation, separation, treatment, and storage of multiple powders. . The airflow pulverizer can process the ultrafine powder of various materials in dry, high purity, low temperature, widely used in chemical, battery materials, refractory materials, abrasives, non-metallic mines, powder metallurgy, building materials, and non-metallic mines, powder metallurgy, and building materials. Ultrafine pulverization, dispersion dispersion and material particles of various dry powder materials and various dry powder materials and various dry powder materials. MQW series

  Airflow pulverizer

  is one of the main equipment of Shandong, the complete and stable flow field established by the high-efficiency and high-precision crusher can strictly limit the production of large particles, and it is obtained in one production. Excellent particle size distribution and high narrow particle size; at the same time, full-fluidization can be dispersed and delivered for nanoscale material reunion, and can obtain a good spherical particle shape, and have a function of shaping particle diameter and morphology.

  ALPA independently developed intensive surface modification apparatus and process won the national invention patent, which improves the functional characteristics of inorganic non-metal powder, which greatly improves the added value of the product, expands Application space of inorganic non-metal powder. Lithium battery positive material special crushing technology system won the national utility model patent, the new product identification hosted by Sino-Science (Beijing) Science and Technology Achievements Evaluation Center, the main performance indicators of this technology have reached the leading level of domestic similar products.