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"Fun" - Detailed introduction of the grading wheel of the airflow classifier

  Silicon fine powder is made of natural quartz (SiO2) or molten quartz (natural quartz high temperature melting, amorphous SiO2 after cooling), ball mill (or vibration, air flow), flotation, pickling, high purity water Treatment of micropowder processed by multi-course process. Silicon fine powder is a non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting inorganic non-metallic material. Since it has excellent temperature resistance, alkali corrosivity, poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, low expansion, chemical performance, high hardness, and widely used in chemical, electronics, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, plastics , Paint, advanced paint, rubber, defense and other fields. With the rapid development of the high-tech field, silicon micropowder will also enter the new historical development period.With the development of ultrafine powder technology, the particle size of abrasives such as silicon carbide is getting smaller and smaller, and the particle size distribution is also increasingly designed for grading equipment performance. high. As a hierarchical device of common silicon carbide particles, the FW gas flow classifier is an important location in the market.

  The airflow classifier consists of a hierarchical host, a cyclone collector, a dust collector, a guide fan, a control cabinet, and other components. The hierarchical host is the life door of the entire classification system, next Cider the grading wheel of the airflow classifier. The motor of the airflow classifier drives the hierarchical wheel to rotate high speed in the hierarchical housing (the speed can be arbitrarily adjusted), and a powerful centrifugal force is formed in the airflow classifier. The gas powder mixture entering the classifier first enters the interior of the grading wheel, under the action of centrifugation, the large or heavy particles are greatly protected from centrifugation, so they are smashed into the sidewall of the graded wheel to the horizon, and no longer be centrifuged The influence, naturally dropped to the pulverized host to continue to crush or fall into the discharge port for collection; small or light material is small, hovering in the interior of the graded wheel, the impact of the air blower is taken to the height, The pipe is moved to the next component is graded or collected. The speed of the centrifugal force in the hierarchy can be adjusted by the speed adjustment of the spinning wheel to achieve the purpose of the material that is divided into the specified particle size. Including the former flange, the post flange, the plurality of blades, the sealing plate composition, the blade is fixed to the front flange, the post flange is fixed, and the sealed groove is opened, the rear end portion of the blade is opened. Plug in the annular groove. There is a cavity between the adjacent blades, and the inner side of the plurality of blades form a cavity. The rear end of the blade has a blade tail of a radial direction, a blade tail?The rotating line speed is higher than the rotating line speed of the blade portion of its front side, so the air flow formed by the leaf tail portion can block the powder outside the leaf tail, so that the powder powder must be separated by a blade and self-feed. In the tube.

  The existence of the airflow classifier is to classify the ultrafine powder at the size of the particle size. At present, the airflow classifier has created the entire powder processing industry, and the fields involved include non-metallic mines, drugs, chemicals, metallurgical. New materials, ceramic materials, lithium electrical materials, rare earth materials, rare metals, quartz, flame retardant materials, etc.

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