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Don't let dust and noise ruled the work of the airflow crusher

  The airflow grinding energy is low, the output is large: the unique pulverized cavity design, using the collaboration of the multi-work field, greatly improves the pulverization efficiency, the production demonstrates that the equipment has the lowest energy consumption, the largest production, and Compared with traditional gas flow, energy saving is 30%, and the yield is increased by more than 2 times.When the mechanical operation, there will be some sounds. If the crusher will definitely have a smashing sound when crushing the raw material, which is normal, but if the sound becomes noise, the sound is too big, explains if there is a problem. The dust and noise of the airflow pulverizer in the pulverization process is a thing of our staff that we have always feel that we will respond to this situation. Let's take you with everyone. Analyze it.

  The main reason for the noise when pulverization is:

  1. When the crusher is running at high speed, the operation member boosted the air to generate "" 声:

  2. The device is running. The generated vibration;

  3. Rubrication between the turntable or hammer and the drug;

  4. The rubbing of the device rotating the part itself occurs.

  For the cause of noise, the solution is mainly:

  1. Each rotating member adds lubricant, if the bearing and the axis is misalign, adjust; bearing wear, replace the bearing;

  2. Crushing process production The thermal phenomenon also produces noise, which can take the disintegration of the cooling cooled jacket;

  3. At the sprinkle, install the muffler;

  4. Damper the device, such as using a damping pad.

  Through the learning of the above, you can solve the above method when you encounter the noise of the airflow mill, which avoids the machine's possible failure, promptly discovered and handled .

  The production of dust is used as an example of the "universal" pulverizer. The reason is that the particles do high-speed circumference in the pulverizing chamber, obtain a higher centrifugal acceleration, and the particles leave the pulverized cavity on one day, due to the moment of inertia With a certain movement speed, it is not bound, the powder particles are flying to form "dust".

  The solution is:

  1. Install the dust collector. At present, most crushers are integrated and vacuuming. There are several no dust in the production process, which uses the use of smashing materials to rotate the rotary effort.Automatic access to the catch bag, the dust is filtered by the dust bag is filtered through the bag;

  2. Black dust. There is a kind of pulverizing machine to collect the powder powder, and the bag is tightly pulled with the machine to prevent leakage. Attention should be paid attention to the parking mouth when parking should be paid. After the wind in the bag is disappeared, it will be loose and remove the powder. The bag is generally a mezzanine, which can be made in a general thin line, the size of the bag size is appropriate, and the bag is not too mighty, otherwise it will hinder the exhaust, affecting the machine. Timed cleaning bag or remove the bag dust by vacuum cleaner;

  3. Wooden shower or pool dust removal. It mainly uses the ventilator to vacuum until the pulverization, and then vacuum, or vacuum through the pool.

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