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What should I do if the airflow crusher occurs?

  With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the gas flow grinding is increasingly participated in the research and development of drugs. And gradually stroke a complete pulverization system, and there is an unparalleled advantage over other micronized equipment.Crusher clogging is one of the common faults in the use of airflow pulverizer, which may have problems in the design, but more due to improper use of operation.

  1, the feed speed is too fast, the load is increased, resulting in blockage. During the feed, pay attention to the current table pointer deflection angle, if the rated current is exceeded, indicating that the motor is overloaded, and the motor will be burn down the motor. This situation should be reduced or closed immediately, or the feed is changed, and the feed amount is controlled by increasing the feeder. The feeder has manual, automatic, and the user should select the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Due to the high speed of the pulverizer, the load is large, and the fluctuation of the load is strong. Therefore, the current at work at the time of milling is generally controlled around 85% of the rated current.

  2, the discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is too fast, and the crushing machine is blocked; if it matches the delivery equipment, it will cause the discharge pipe to reduce or block the air. After the failure, you should first clear the delivery device that does not match the delivery, adjust the amount of feed, so that the equipment is operating normally.

  3, hammer pieces, aging, screen hole closed, tattered, smashing material water content will cause pulverizer to block. The broken and severe aging hammers should be updated regularly, keep the crusher's good working condition, and regularly check the screen, the water content of the powder should be less than 14%, so it can improve production efficiency, but also make the pulverizer do not block, Enhance the reliability of the milling machine.

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