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Erfai airflow pulverizer boot order

  Airflow milling for drugs, the drug particles after micronization mainly include: increase the specific surface area of ​​the powder powder, a more compact PSD (particle distribution size), more uniform size, better powder control characteristics ( Suspension, dispersion and absorption), more predictable powder properties, color consistency, gloss, opacity.Airflow pulverizer is an important processing equipment, and many manufacturers have been used. In many industries, the airflow pulverizer has achieved major achievements.

  Airflow pulverizer is very important in daily life. Many people have used it, but many people are in operation of airflow crushing machines, many people's boot order is wrong. So this will affect the work efficiency and service life of the gas current pulverizer. What is the right boot order? Today, Erpai Xiaobian will tell you about the correct boot order of the airflow crusher.

  1. Open the cooling water and start the air compressor. After 2 to 3 minutes, the no-load is running.

  2. The freeze dryer (cooling water is connected to the air compressor cooling water).

  3. The air compressor and the freeze dryer operate normally. After the air pressure reaches 0.7 MPa - 1 MPa, the host is activated, and the required speed is adjusted, and the fan is activated.

  4. Before opening the airway, the motor bearing gas seal pressure is 0.03 MPa - 0.05 MPa. After the above content is checked, it starts to add, crush.

  5. The dust collector pulse gas is adjusted to about 0.4 MPa.

  6. Adjust the material according to the need to adjust the main unit ranking wheel speed: low thickness, fine.

  7. During the discharge process after the material is pulverized, it is tapped with a leather hammer when it is timed.

  8. Delivery pipeline, cyclone, dust collector outer wall, so as not to turn off the contam, causing pipelines to block and affect normal discharge.

  The maintenance sequence of the correct airflow pulverizer introduced by El Pie. When we use the machine, we will not only produce faster production, but also pay attention to the machine's boot order, although this is not directly related to production, but time, you will find correct boot and incorrect boot. Where is it.

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