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Difference between industrial sulfur powder and medical sulfur powder

  We can learn from the articles we shared before that sulfur powder can be roughly divided into three categories according to its subdivision function: industrial sulfur powder, agricultural sulfur powder, and medical sulfur powder. Although they are all sulfur powder products, they are different in use methods and efficiency. So what are the specific differences between these sulfur powder products? Today we will first understand the difference between medical sulfur powder and industrial sulfur powder.

  Sulfur powder is an important variety of inorganic pesticides. The commodity is yellow solid or powder, with obvious smell and volatilization. Sulfur water suspension is slightly acidic, insoluble in water, and reacts with alkali to form polysulfide. When burning sulfur, it gives off a cyan flame and produces sulfur dioxide gas. In production, sulfur is often processed into colloidal suspension to prevent and control diseases and insect pests. It is safe for humans and livestock and is not easy to cause pesticide damage to crops.

  Medical sulfur powder is different from industrial sulfur. Crude sulfur is used in industry, while sublimated sulfur is used in medicine. The massive sulfur is a light yellow massive crystal, and the powder is a light yellow powder with a special odor, which is soluble in carbon disulfide but insoluble in water. The specific gravity, melting point, and solubility in carbon disulfide vary with different crystals. The boiling point is about 445 ℃. When sulfur burns in the air, it will produce blue flame and generate sulfur dioxide. When the powder is mixed with air or oxidant, it is easy to burn or even explode.

  There are three crystal forms of the sulfur block, i.e. orthorhombic sulfur, monoclinic sulfur, and amorphous sulfur. Among them, orthorhombic sulfur is the most stable, and the general commodity in two crystal forms. The appearance of industrial sulfur is yellow or light yellow, and there are massive, powdery, granular, or flaky.

  The above is the difference between industrial sulfur powder and medical sulfur powder. Although they are all sulfur powder, it can be seen from the above that they are quite different in application scope and scene. Do not mix different kinds of sulfur powder. Please consult the professional sulfur powder manufacturer for the specific use of sulfur powder to ensure that you can use rubber sulfur powder products reasonably, safely, and efficiently.