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13 advantages of spinning airflow crusher you know?

  Ultra-micro gas flow grinding is to overcome the internal cohesive force of the solids in the internal cohesion of the solids by mechanical or fluid power, thereby pulping 3 mm or more of the material particles to 10-25 microns. It was a high-tech of a material processing that was generated by the development of modern high-tech after the 1970s.

  Circular airflow pulverizer is a conventional horizontal disc air pulverizer, a target airflow pulverizer, an organic combination of fluidized airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer A new type of gas current pulverizer has been developed after many years, with low energy consumption, high yield. The spinning airflow pulverizer relative to other kinds of airflow pulverizer, the application is more common, more favored, which is mainly due to these advantages:

  1, automatic control, simple operation, stable operation . 2, the same energy consumption, pulverization yield is 1 fold increased by a fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer.

  3, when producing a product of particle size distribution, the finished product rate is more than 1 times higher than the traditional penetration, fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer.

  4, the ultrafine pulverizer needs to be configured to configure a self-extracting system. The particle size distribution of the product is narrow, the branching wheel is used than the horizontal, and the vertical hierarchy is increased by 5 to 8 times.

  5, low temperature, no medium, especially suitable for low melting point, ultrafine pulverization of thermal materials.

  6, the connecting machine is configured with 1 to 4 graded machine, which can produce a product of multiple particle size distribution simultaneously.

  7, the feed particle size range is large, and the maximum feed grain is 5 mm.

  8, the wear is extremely small, especially suitable for ultrafine pulverization of high-hardness and high purity materials.

  9, for flammable, explosive, easy oxidation materials can be used with inert gas as a medium, and inert gas circulation is used, and the loss is extremely low.

  10, negative pressure production, no dust pollution, excellent environment.

  11, not only for ultrafine pulverization, combined particle shape, particle dispersion function.

  12, one machine, can be used as a pulverizer to be used as a grading machine.

  13, Chinese medicine crusher equipment is compact, internal and external wall polishing, smashing box without storage, no dead angle, easy to clean, meet GMP requirements. For

  JZXP spinning airflow pulverizer

  The introduction of the advantage is here, I hope that the summary of Xiaobian can help everyone.

  According to the material, depending on the material needs to use different lining materials from the injection end to the discharge end, the increase amount of metal foreign matter is controlled at the PPM level, and can be on the material and internal protective means. Decrease the standard of zero pollution of the processing material. For those with toughness, viscosity, thermal or other materials, AlPA can provide a variety of machining environments and processing methods to meet customer needs.