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El Pieces teach you black silicon silicon gas flow crusher maintenance

  Fluidized bed gas flow is widely used in various industries, continuously pulverized, can keep the purity of the pulverized product, short smashing time, simple structure, the fluidized bed of the after-sales, easy to operate, small area, low area Noise! ​​Black silicon carbide is a metal gloss, 95% of SiC, for processing of high tensile strength, such as glass, ceramic, stone, refractory, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. However, the black silicon carbide gas flow pulverizer allows black silicon to have more applications, and it can be said that the market prospect of black silicon carbide is developed.

  Black silicon hydrazine gas flow pulverizer is an outward swing when the grinding roller is rotated when the spindle is rotated, and the roller is pressed against the mill, the material shovel shovel is sent to the grinding roller and the abrasive ring. In the rolling roller, the material is repeatedly pulverized by the roll in the pressure of the grinding roll, and the pulverized material is fluidized with the air flow in the host mill. During the action of the graded wheel strength and the systematically introduction of the system, the coarse particles that do not meet the particle size requirements continue to be pulverized, qualified fine powder into the grading machine, fine powder into the cyclone collector , In the action of centrifugal force, the fine powder is dropped along the cylinder wall of the cyclone, and the inner cone tail is separated. After separation, the fine powder is subjected to the pulse collector, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere. All systems work in a negative pressure state.

  This important black silicon silicon silicon fluid pulverizer also requires users to maintain maintenance, in order to extend its life, let the ink silicon silicon silicon flow crusher creates more wealth for users, then how should black silicon carbide gas flow crusher should repair? Maintenance? Erpai Xiaobian brief introduction, I hope to help everyone. Maintenance method:

  1. During the production process, the temperature rise of the bearing must be checked frequently, and when the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, it should be closed, and the reason is to rule out the fault.

  2. When the new machine is running, the drive belt is easy to elongate, pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt.

  3. If the loss case should be checked frequently, replace the quality and production volume in time.

  4. Blade, the bushing should often check the wear situation. If wear, the productivity decreases, and the particle size is replaced after the particle size is replaced.

  5. The host and the grading flow bearing are lipid lubrication, using a special grease, degree 265-295.

  6. The replacement period of the bearing is 2000 hours, and the filling of the grease is 1/2 (epithelial) or 3/4 (lower test) in the bearing cavity. The bearing temperature is too high.

  7. The spiral feeder has changed the lipid period of 4,000 hours, and the calcium based grease is added.

  The above is the black silicon

  fluidized bed airflow pulverizer Introduction to the maintenance method, do you understand? If you still want to know more about black silicon silicon gas flow crusher knowledge, continue to pay attention to the official website of our company, and the wonderful content will debut later.

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