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Sulfur powder as a soil conditioner contributes to the pollution problem

  The sequelae of industrial development are the pollution to the environment, among which soil pollution is an important problem in environmental deterioration. Soil is related to plants, and more importantly, the growth of crops. Therefore, the improvement of soil is also paid more and more attention in the world. In the improvement methods, soil pollution is the most important problem in the environmental deterioration, Sulfur dioxide powder, mainly composed of sulfur dioxide, has become a kind of soil modification agent.

  The problem of soil pollution is becoming more and more serious. China is a big agricultural country, which also highlights the importance of the research and application of soil improvers in China. In modern agricultural production, the contribution of sulfur powder to soil improvement cannot be ignored.

  As a soil improver, sulfur powder plays an active role in plant fixation and plant extraction technology. The application of different types of improvers in the improvement of radioactive polluted soil and the effect on plant remediation are different, and sulfur powder can control this factor well.

  Sulfur powder soil improver has a very positive effect on the improvement of soil pollution, which lays a foundation for the better growth of crops in China. Recommended reading: how to improve the soil of sulfur powder.